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TED SPARKS was an adventurer who loved life. During his trips around the world he met different cultures, each part of the world has their own fragrance and style. There's so much to discover. 

The little things in life are very important for Mr. SPARKS; A glass of whiskey, a cigar or a crackling fire with this loved ones. Inspired by the cultures he met, TED SPARKS created a collection with fine fragranced and stylish designed scented candles and reed diffusers. 

Mr. SPARKS selects his ingredients carefully and uses the finest and richest fragrances available to create the beloved collection. All items can be used wherever you like, just place it on your favorite spot. 




The TED SPARKS Collection has the following fragrances: 

White Tea & Chamomile - A wonderful floral delight that bursts with the scent of a fresh bouquet of Chamomile flowers infused with refreshing Aloe Vera and freshly brewed aroma of sweetened White Tea. 

Orange & Cedarwood - A fusion of zesty Orange and warming Cedarwood, subtly balanced by sweet vanilla and floral jasmine. 

Bamboo & Peony - A luxurious blend of fresh Bamboo and powdery floral Peony, subtly accented with green tea and lily. 

Fig & Honey (Metallic Collection) - A sweet blend of Moroccan fig, finished off with sweet honey. What a rich scent combination! 

Amber & Pepper (Metallic Collection) - Amber adds sweet, woody notes, whilst Pepper adds a spicy kick tot his aromatic fragrance. 

African Flowers & Cedarwood (Metallic Collection) - A seductive fusion of Cedarwood, merged with the soft aromatic bouquet of African Flowers.

Bergamot & Sandalwood - Warm and long-lasting Sandalwood, heightened with soft energising fragrances of Citrus, Jasmine and Vanilla balance this fragrance. 

Cinnamon & Sandalwood (Christmas special) - A warming aroma that blends rich spicy Cinnamon and woody Sandalwood. This scent evokes the excitement of the autumn and Christmas seasons. 

Blue Spruce & Pine (Christmas special) - The aroma of majestic winter forest is created by blending fresh and green Blue Spruce and Pine. This captures the spirit of Christmas.