TED SPARKS was an adventurer who loved life. During his trips around the world he met different cultures, each part of the world has their own fragrance and style. There's so much to discover. 

The little things in life are very important for Mr. SPARKS; A glass of whiskey, a cigar or a crackling fire with this loved ones. Inspired by the cultures he met, TED SPARKS created a collection with fine fragranced and stylish designed scented candles and reed diffusers. 

Mr. SPARKS selects his ingredients carefully and uses the finest and richest fragrances available to create the beloved collection. All items can be used wherever you like, just place it on your favorite spot. 




The TED SPARKS Collection has the following fragrances: 

White Tea & Chamomile - A wonderful floral delight that bursts with the scent of a fresh bouquet of Chamomile flowers infused with refreshing Aloe Vera and freshly brewed aroma of sweetened White Tea. 

Bamboo & Peony - A luxurious blend of fresh Bamboo and powdery floral Peony, subtly accented with green tea and lily. 

Fresh Linen - A comforting scent of floral notes combined with tonka bean, musk and a hint of fresh lemon. This clean and crisp fragrance suits every room in the home.

Fig & Honey (Metallic Collection) - A sweet blend of Moroccan fig, finished off with sweet honey. What a rich scent combination! 

Amber & Pepper (Metallic Collection) - Amber adds sweet, woody notes, whilst Pepper adds a spicy kick tot his aromatic fragrance. 

African Flowers & Cedarwood (Metallic Collection) - A seductive fusion of Cedarwood, merged with the soft aromatic bouquet of African Flowers.

Bergamot & Sandalwood - Warm and long-lasting Sandalwood, heightened with soft energising fragrances of Citrus, Jasmine and Vanilla balance this fragrance. 

Cinnamon & Sandalwood (Christmas special) - A warming aroma that blends rich spicy Cinnamon and woody Sandalwood. This scent evokes the excitement of the autumn and Christmas seasons. 

Cinnamon & Spice (Christmas special) - Enjoy the festive Christmas aroma of cinnamon in your home with our Cinnamon & Spice fragrance. The fragrance features the scent of rich cinnamon sticks and spices, mixed with soft floral notes and warm tonka bean. It’s the perfect Christmas scent for cosy nights at home or a party with all your loved ones.

Green Tea & Sage (Spring Summer Collection 2020) - This fresh and uplifting scent combines citrus notes with petit grain and lemon with herbaceous aromas of green tea, rosemary and sage. The perfect fragrance for bringing the outdoors inside!
Jasmin & Rosewood (Spring Summer Collection 2020) - A floral heart combined with sweet bergamot and soft, woody undertones. This fragrance is pure delight!
Cardamom & Vetiver (Spring Summer Collection 2020) - An invigorating fresh fragrance that reminds you of the summer near the seaside. Citrus is balanced with floral notes and uplifting vetiver and fresh cologne accords of white cardamon.

Clove & Incense (Autumn Winter Collection 2020) - Spice up your home with this blend of black pepper and clove, layered with cedarwood and amber to create an alluring and sophisticated fragrance.

Amber & Vanilla (Autumn Winter Collection 2020) - An indulgingly creamy scent of vanilla combined with warm amber and woody hints that provide a sense of calm in your home.

Birch & Patchouli (Autumn Winter Collection 2020) - This beautiful woody fragrance is smoky and musky; a blend we all associate with curling up by the fire on a winter’s evening.  

Wood & Musk (Christmas Collection 2020) - A soft and comforting scent with floral and woody aromas that create an inviting and cosy atmosphere in your home, perfect for the winter season!

Moss & Sandalwood (Christmas Collection 2020) - Moss and cedarwood are layered with clove, jasmine, and rose, and finished with the warm and smooth scent of sandalwood to create the perfect winter scent.









The above-mentioned burning times are averages. Burning times can be affected by various conditions. Read the tips below for optimal burning of your candle.

To extend the life of your candle, it is important that the candle is not extinguished until the surface has completely melted. 

Our candles burn best when they are allowed to burn for at least 3 consecutive hours. Make sure that the surface is completely fluid before the candle is extinguished, especially when you have lit it for the first time.   

Cut the wick to 0.5 centimetres above the wax before each use.

Make sure that you do not place the candle in a draught, this may cause the candle to burn unevenly or start to smoke.                                                

Clean the inside of the glass regularly to prevent the formation of soot.

Extinguish the candle when only 1 centimetre of wax remains. Heat against the bottom of the glass can cause it to crack. 

Place the wicks in their original position before the wax has hardened.



Take of the cap and remove the plastic stopper. Replace the cap. Arrange the reed sticks in the glass bottle. Within a few hours the fragrance will be delicately diffused troughout the room. For less intense fragrance, use fewer sticks.